22 Years of making a difference

Since 1993, DEE-IY LIMITED has been engaged in consultancy and project execution in the fields of Management Training, ICT, and Engineering, drawing on the long standing experiences of the promoters of the company in these fields.


Management Training



Our Mission

Creating a platform for the transformation of the lives of the young people, into becoming self reliant and established

Our Vision

The combination of these three fields in the operations of DEE-IY LIMITED enables the company to deliver the following services:

  • The use of adequately tested principles in analyzing, planning, installing, operating and maintaining effective scientific, engineering and human development systems.
  • The application of modern management techniques in harmonizing various parts of a system to ensure a resulting excellence in the ultimate aggregate output of the system, and
  • The use of modern equipment and techniques in improving the outputs, and quality of potentially productive systems. It includes the identification of such systems, determining relevant steps for their improvement, installing these steps and monitoring them after their installation to ensure the achievement of the projected results.